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Diving Clips

Diving Clips
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Scubapro Tank Banger - 9RDT8NA7P
The alternative to expensive acoustic signal of - the tank Banger. ..
£23.82 £9.95
Buddy Jon Line - SP4MWNWRF
Buddy Jon Line - SP4MWNWRF..
£70.91 £24.99
Marine Brass Gate Carabiner 11.5cm - GS5L4C6UI
Carabiner made from Marine Brass Gate stylr clip 11.5 ..
£55.10 £28.86
Stainless Steel Double Ended Bolt Snap. Pack of 2 - WJBFT5XRN
High grade rust free stainless steel. Perfect for attac..
£25.81 £17.47
Foxpic Gear Keeper F-2 Retractor Snap Clip Mount with Q/C-II Split Ring Accessory for SCUBA Diving - W01IIXYJT
One end for the ring of BCD inoxiable Steel, another important for hanging your computer, f..
£63.03 £24.89
Oceanic Compass Clip Mount Swiv - 9SPXGYT7Q
Oceanic Compass Clip Mount Swiv - 9SPXGYT7Q..
£35.92 £26.98
Scubapro Snapper - C73E90HTL
Scubapro Snapper - C73E90HTL..
£24.88 £10.90
Mini Swivel Spring Line - 3FJYJDJ37
Extremely useful, extendable spring line with quick attach swivel snap hook. ..
£28.96 £10.09
Sub Gear Snapper - RAHYAKGXS
Sub Gear Snapper - RAHYAKGXS..
£23.80 £11.15
Mares Hose Retainer - 4JKTT2BPY
Mares Hose Retainer - 4JKTT2BPY..
£30.84 £3.25
Gear Keeper 36inch Retractor with Heavy Duty Snap Clip - XF1PIUGOJ
Nylon Coated Stainless Steel Cable. Stainless Steel Spr..
£26.85 £20.60
Stainless Steel Carabiner. Pack of 2 - 8M80BQ7SE
High quality heavy duty stainless steel carabiners with eyelet. ..
£23.86 £12.69
Gear Keeper RT4-5972 Small Flashlight Retractor Combo Mount (Snap / Threaded Stud) with Q/C-II Split Ring Accessory - GYRCKTHLP
Retractable Tether for small SCUBA Flashlights (up to 4-AA) and Single Gauge Computers or C..
£22.89 £17.87